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Rules and Code of Conduct

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PostMara on 26th May 2018, 04:29

General Forum Rules

[indent]1. Don't harass, flame, threaten, instigate fights or otherwise disrespect your fellow users, regular members and admins alike.
2. Especially respect the mods. "We're risking our [internet egos] every day to keep [disrespectful users] like you [happy]."
3. Report rule infractions if you see them using the little report button (exclamation mark) located on every post.
4. Keep sexual content off the public forum — fade to black and take it to PMs. Yes, cropped hentai images count.
5. Spamming and offsite advertising is a no-go, this includes Discord-only RPs. It's a roleplay forum for a reason.[/indent]

Roleplay Subforum Rules

[indent]1. Roleplay requirements must match that of their respective section description.
2. Unless they're in In Character or Character Sheets, roleplay topics must contain tags somewhere in the title or description. This includes either an [OOC] or [Interest Check] tag.
3. No bunnying, god-modding, metagaming, etc. If you can't do that, this isn't the place for you.
4. Save everyone a headache and listen to the GM. If you're asked to leave, leave.
5. Don't make intentionally bad characters to troll a roleplay.
6. If you feel like your writing surpasses the section you frequent, move onto the next. (Advanced has no skill cap)[/indent]

Now go out there and start rewriting the boundaries.

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