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PostMara on 26th May 2018, 04:44

P: Hey! Indents can't stack!
[indent]A: This is a problem with the way I coded the tag. Until I can figure out how to enable stacking, I've created 2 more indent codes — indent2 and indent3. Both codes increase the original indent value in 20px increments. A regular indent has a 20px margin, indent2 has a 40px margin and indent3 has a 60px margin. If I get enough requests in the future, indent4 and indent5 might become a thing.[/indent]

P: The reply box is kinda tiny...
[indent]A: Click the question mark icon to make it the size of your browser window. Whoah.[/indent]

[indent]you say "please don't ever change," but you don't like me the way I am[/indent]
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